Fabulous Four Brix Blends at the California Jazz & Wine Festival

The California Jazz & Wine Festival has signed up yet another outstanding Ventura vineyard. Four Brix Winery is an urban winery that offers internationally sourced blends. As a play on the viticulture term “brix” Four Brix refers to the sugary sweet reward of getting a chance to enjoy such great wines as those they offer. At Four Brix the Brix House tasting room allows you to sample the blended vintages including Zeductive, Smitten and Rhondezvous. We are looking forward to experiencing this fabulous exhibitor at the upcoming wine festival along with several other wineries and live entertainment.

The upcoming California Jazz & Wine Festival is scheduled for May 18, 2014 from 1 pm to 4 pm. Purchase your tickets as soon as possible so you can enjoy the wide array of offerings from local and international wineries and vineyards right here in Ventura County. Contact us for more information regarding wineries and ticket sales.

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