Golden Star Winery, a Sparkling Gem

Wineries in California are like potatoes in Idaho, there are tons and each are as unique as the next. The California Jazz & Wine Festival aims to showcase some of the up and coming as well as established wineries in California. The festival offers wineries like the Golden Star Vineyards and Winery to romance their customers. It also allows wineries the opportunity to illustrate their trade, show off their selection, and truly get in touch with the individuals that will potentially be purchasing their wine. This vineyard is family owned and is smaller than most.

Golden Star Vineyards and Winery is an exhibitor this year at the festival and with good reason. This winery creates handcrafted wines that reminiscent of days past. With minimalistic winemaking approaches and sustainable farming efforts, this five acre farm is absolutely stunning. Unlike some of its larger competitors, the Golden Star Vineyards and Winery is devoted to creating small batches of incredibly sophisticated wines that are at once unique and delicious. They will be showing off their abilities at the festival and will work to tell potential clients about their wines, their practices, and their family philosophy for winemaking.

Check out the Golden Star Vineyards and Winery at the California Jazz & Wine Festival.

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