Gourmet Food Trucks: A Trend We Love!

Lately, the food truck craze seems to be sweeping the nation! These food stands on wheels are being spotted at more and more corners, festivals, and community events than ever before. If you have never tasted the pure deliciousness that comes from a gourmet food truck, you may be wondering what the craze is all about! Here are a just a few reasons why the presence of food trucks is a great thing:

  • If you work in an area that is not densely populated with fast food restaurants, you may have trouble finding a quick lunch meal. However, your problem is quickly solved with the arrival of a traveling food truck!
  • When you order from a gourmet food truck, you have the opportunity to speak with the chef directly!
  • Food trucks are infamous for providing new and exciting combinations of ingredients. Expand the horizons of your taste palate, and try something new by choosing one of the inexpensive and creative options from a food truck.
  • If you have children who can never reach a conclusion about where to eat, food trucks are the perfect solution. You can typically find many different trucks parked in the same area. With this being said, there is the chance to find something that everyone will love!
  • Food trucks will offer fresher ingredients than your typical fast food restaurant. They are allowed the luxury of changing their menu whenever they would like, therefore they always keep their ingredients fresh.

The organizers of the 4th Annual California Jazz & Wine Festival want to make sure that you have a delicious selection of food to choose from while you are enjoying your time! With that being said, we would like your input! We want to make sure that you love everything about the May 17, 2015 festival. Tell us about your favorite gourmet food trucks, and give us your recommendations. Please contact California Jazz & Wine Festival with your yummy suggestions or tweet it out using #CJWF15 and the hashtag of your favorite LA food truck!

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