Enjoy Health Benefits from Jazz Music While Listening at Squashed Grapes

Jazz music is one of the most enjoyable forms of entertainment, as audiences can truly feel the emotions through the smooth tones that come from each instrument. Those who listen to jazz music on a regular basis experience a variety of health benefits.

For one, jazz music has a way of providing listeners with a tug of tension and repose. Your mind becomes tantalized and educated by being given moments of predictable and smooth notes and quickly transitioning into unpredictable tones that challenge your brain.

Additionally, jazz music is known for its healing benefits. A study published in the U.K. Journal of Advanced Nursing found that patients with chronic pain, migraines, high blood pressure, difficulty memorizing, weak immune systems, and anxiety found relief through jazz music. With so many health benefits, it only makes sense that you would start listening to jazz all the time! Experience some tension relief on the roads while playing your favorite jazz musician. The same study found positive results connecting jazz listening and productivity. Many individuals who listen to jazz experience energy boosts from the smooth tones.

If you are looking to experience all the benefits of listening to jazz music, we suggest that you try out one of the amazing places to listen to jazz music in Ventura County. Squashed Grapes is a jazz hot spot many jazz lovers enjoy going to on weekends! Located at 2351 E. Main Street in Ventura, this local hot spot can be your destination to experience the benefits of listening to jazz music. On October 17th at 7:00pm, Squashed Grapes will be featuring LJ and the Boyz. Head over for an amazing evening filled with health benefits!

We hope you enjoy one of the many events put on by the Squashed Grapes! Contact California Jazz & Wine Festival as we are planning some exciting new surprises for the 2015 4th Annual California Jazz & Wine Fest with great entertainment, and delicious wine and beer exhibitors. This amazing event will be fun for every member of your family!

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